Monday, September 18, 2006

Val D'argent

Ahh sheshh its over already! We had a fantastic 5 days together with Marion, Dijanne and Thelma.
We laughed alot, and bonded, the four of us from around the world gathered together bound by the common thread.
I met some wonderful people, some of the ladies from their blogs. Kristin La Flamme who by the way is a fantastic lady. Who by the way will have her own exhibition in Germany in December .... watch this space for more info on that. I actually recognized her from her daughter whom she had with her... that lovely red hair and BLUE BLUE eyes .. what a sweetie. Kristin I might just come to see your exhibition ... keep me informed so that I can let others know.
I also met Isobel who is from ireland but now living in france. Wow talk about a lovely soul she is so wonderful. She invited us back to her apartment she was renting in st croix aux mine and had some nibble and champagne for us. We laughed and joked and even had a lovely song sung to us by Marion... thanks Marion it was fantastic.
It was also nice to see some of Dijannes students from last year ... I remembered most of them and they also remembered me..
I also went to the shopping area and there I found Maggie Relph whom.. I of course I had to purchase a lovely piece of mudcloth .. will take a photo when it arrives.
Thanks Maggie and her hubby who incidently comes a town nearby in canada.. small world. Lawrence and wife from contented cat were there as well. A wonderful friend Elizabeth helped Lawrence out in the booth selling, she is a sweetheart as well.
I ran into alot of very nice people that I had met the previous year who it was lovely to see again, and met new friends as well. Phew well enough of that chatter for now, I will save more for another soon


marion said... ain't over til the fat lady sings...

Kristin La Flamme said...

Awe, thanks for the compliments :-) It was lovely to meet you as well, and I'd love it if you came to see my show! I will definitely keep the blog world informed as we nail down specific times and dates. I have got to spend more time in Val d'Argent next year, as I just barely get to see all the artwork and never get the opportunity to see the countryside like in your beautiful pictures. Well, OK, I DID see the barn/house with all the junk outside. i was sorely tempted to muck around in all that stuff :-)

Shirley Goodwin said...

Awwww, sometimes I hate being on the other side of the world! You lucky girls!

Helen Suzanne said...

lucky you! sounds like you had a great time and so wonderful to be involved with such creative and talented souls :)

suzanne said...

Hey Sis,
Lucky Girl!!!!!!!!!
Glad the trip was a success, and having a good time,and all the talent around,thrilling.
Now it's been a Long time since your last post, and we are once again, Dangling by a Thread.
Lv. Suzanne