Monday, October 02, 2006

Mud Cloth from Mali

Mud Cloth from Mali Posted by Picasa

Well sorry I have not really been around lately but have been away in France at Val d'argent european patchwork... then .............. I have just gotten back from a cruise on the NILE ... how lucky am I but more on that just a bit later.

First I must show you this piece that I got from the Val D'argent show in france.
This was from a lady in the UK some of you may already know her its Maggie Relph. She and her husband were there at the show selling her stuff (african stuff) fabrics, buttons ect. Do take a minute to check out her site its fabulous. As some of you may already know I have a weakness for african cloth .. NEED IT-NEED IT- GOTTA HAVE IT!
So I bought a piece in france from Maggie and when she got back she shipped it to me so I did not have to pack and carry it .. GREAT EH! ... I say it this way EH as when I was there talking to Maggies husband, I thought hmmm I recognize that accent and I said to him where are you from ... well low and behold he is from the next town over in ontario,canada from where I was born and used to live .. fantastic!! and he had his timmys mug with him that he has charished for years ..

Tomorrow I will post some things on my NILE CRUISE ...... till then ta!


suzanne said...

Hello Sis,
Nice piece if I must say, and you never know, It's a small world they say.
I guess we are still hanging by a thread. he heheheheh
lv. Sue

Dianne said...

Owwww I love it...
See you soon...