Friday, September 21, 2007

Back from V'al D'argent and MANCUSO

Well back and almost in the swing of things with my textile stuff....

On a really cool note ... Peg Keeney and Marion Barnett who are curating the Mancuso, From the Heart exhibiton have asked if we mind if they extend length of stay for these quilts, Itinerary , the Chicago show in November 2007) and continue to exhibit From the Heart at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in late February and at the Quilt Fest of New Jersey in March. Then, we will travel it to Denver before returning it to you in May 2008. So this is 6 months longer then expected and means that there will be a longer exposure .... How cool is that!

Ok taking some pics tonight of what I bought in Val Dargent and more on that later.


AnneJeu said...

Hi Sandy,

Proficiat, as we say in Holland. It's great to be in such a show!
When you come to Holland, please bring some work with you, so we can see in real the stuff we make....
You can buy the angelina sheets at
Please, send me your e-mail adress

Suzanne said...

Hello Sis,

great to have you back, and I guess your as busy as ever, besides going here and there, Your mate is doing very well on his blog, and doing that piece, good teacher, that helps.
Love Suzanne

laura said...

Hi Sandy,

That's really cool!

I am missing the fun we had a week ago.

Would also like your e-mail address