Wednesday, September 05, 2007

finally it works

OK finally I get some pictures to upload from home yahhhhhh without having to send them to work and then put them on from there.. oh yes and this is some book covers that I made with pelmet vilene and transfer dyes LOVELY EH?
Thanks to Marion for the suggestion to put picassa on here to do the uploading .. all is well .. oh guess what!!!???

I have a new toy .. keep your eyes peeled here .. I will post a pic of it when it arrives .. tomorrow or the next day woohooooo .

Ok I have ironed the fabrics I dyed from the weekend.. I suppose you want to see those as well dont you ? OK will post those in the morning .. cheers have a good night
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MargaretR said...

How lucky! An 8 needle one? I didn't know you could get one with 8 needles and you were right not to take the last one.