Saturday, November 17, 2007

new pieces in progress

Well here we have a few pieces that I am working on, doing hand stitching.
The first one with hearts will be lavender hearts ... I am going to iron on some foil on top of this.
Second one I will add some stitching and beading I think ... Third one I will add some beads and the last one is almost done.
All comments welcome!
See I am doing some work!
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Suzanne said...

Yahoo say you are working, now doubts here, know how you love the pressure, looking good.
Oh yes are we not doing any more challenges, or too much pressure!
Love Suzanne

marion said...

Hurrah, Sandy's WORKING!!! (ducks low flying cushion...)

Tonniece said...

Hey Sandy

LOOOOKIN GOOOOD. I think the second one is my fave, but can't wait to see them all finished.


Dianne said...

Funny Marion, it looks great and you hae been working.. Can't wait to see it all together..

clevelandgirlie said...

You know -- there is NOTHING like hand stitched pieces. They have such character, such texture and when combined with vivid color and design like your little piece here -- what a treasure!!!