Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chinese Lanterns

I love the colour of these and the way they decay... leaving a lacey feeling with a seed in the middle of them ......
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Suzanne said...

Oh love them too!! I have some also and wrote on mine for Holloween, put them in a pail, like the nice red seed inside. They go skeletonish, we'll have to get Luci's ruling for that word.
It's so cold here, the wind 70kg,
Sat, Sun, going to be a -10 both days wind, flash freezing,,,,, BRRRRRRRRRRR.

Anonymous said...

These were part of the magic that sometimes one feels when one is a child. I thought the papery feel of them was real paper, orange paper, which couldn't be but was. There was only one place I knew where I could find them and I sought them out each year until I was 15 and too old for magic. But I've regained the magic sense and found them again in Portland -- and have been know to sneak a few home with me. -- June