Friday, February 22, 2008

wooden stamp found in spain

Here is a wooden stamp I found in spain .. I thought it was excellent... I will post pics of this done with paint.
Oh I have a new Camera.. excellent this one is 8mp with 3 x optical zoom and digital zoom as well ... and
it only takes 2 batteries whereas my old camera took 4 batteries
and was much larger to carry around My old camera could not
hold an SD card larger then 512 .. which was fine as you can carry those
small SD cards around but could not resist the bargain of this camera
it was only 46.00 now its 42.00 double wow! Vivitar
I will post a few more pics with this camera so you can see the macro
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Dianne said...

Lovvvvve the stamp,ooooh a new camera, how exciting.. pics look great and you know I'm crazy about the macro pics..
big huggs