Thursday, April 24, 2008

Inspiration from LONDON

Just look at these patterns
This was some of the inspiration that I
recieved whilst in London for three days
of this week.
This was the most fun I had as I was
on a course for work ..
it was brutal .... but did get to see these
and they may make it to some future work.

Now last post I did HA sorry about
the absence. Mary Ann asked
about the glue I used on the
pieces that were on the book
well its just regular hot glue gun
talcum powder so they dont stick
to the stamps but in my case I had little
molds that I poured the wax into.

Dijanne was curious what the item was
behind the pieces that I did .. They are books I get from work. As I work for
a online literature company they use the books for reference and things to add
to our websites... when they are done they offer them to us at work.
It looked interesting to me so I picked it up .. we also get tons of magazines
art related ect.. will post some pics of those .. tomorrow.

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