Saturday, August 23, 2008

Canada and niagara fals

Been quiet here lately as I was in canada and am now getting ready for a craft show in Clare at the White swan pub TOMORROW.

Ok here is niagara falls .. its so damp from all the spray of the water that is what I was trying to show in this first picture. Second picture is how things rust there with all the water spray.
The next one is the canadian side of niagara falls ... it has such power you can feel it and it draws you in when you stand beside it.
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Dianne said...

Nice pics Sandy, hope you did good are the show..
I told everyone on my blog I hardly took any pics so to look at yours Joes and Sues....

Carol said...

Your photographs are super Sandy. I would love to see Niagra Falls - perhaps one day Norman and I will get to Canada - we've been close to the Canadian border but never quite crossed it!