Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Carrefour Patchwork France

Well we are back from St Marie aux mine in france for the Carrefour European Patchwork show.
We rented 2 Gites in St Croix aux mine, the upstairs and downstairs of this huge Gite.
There were 9 of us in the gite, and we had a blast. There was Dijanne Cevaal and one of her daughters with us, Laura who owns and sells fabric paints called trapsuutjies meaning chameleon. There was also her good friend Annette, we nicknamed them Double Dutch :)
There was also Margo Bimler a Kiwi in France. Last but not least was Magie and Bob from African fabric Shop, it turns out Magies' husband Bob grew up very close to where I grew up in Ontario, Canada.
Some of them had booths to sell their wares so they were working for over 5 days with set up ... some of us did go and give them a few breaks .... and we also had dinner done for them when they arrived..... well not to mention a Glass of water .... and wine ... more wine then water really.
Joe was a huge help in the Gite by cleaning up behind us all ..
A Huge thanks to Joe...
Keep your eyes peeled ... I am going to be posting more often with stuff done ... I am now truly in love with FELTING...

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Dianne said...

Well I'm so glad you all had a great time and no surprise Joe was
a great help, that helpful fellow he is:):)..
So in love with felting, so am I haven't done any but have been in love with the proccess for years, since I saw the Ladies in Iceland make the forrest people.. Want to make some jewlery with it and hey how about the clothes made of it, see love it all...