Thursday, September 04, 2008

few pictures

This was on the weekend we had a some fog and it made all the spider webs dewy.... took lots of pictures but this was a good one

Here are some pictures of some christmas stuff I have done for the craft show .. which by the way went terribly... saturday was sunny and sunday when the craft show was .. it was rainingy all morning .. we stood around as we didnt have any cover really to set up our stalls ... we finally got some cover .. put up tarps and stuff .. no one really showed up so .... there you have it
This was a lovely sunset we seen last week and I thought it looked a bit ominous. What do you think ? Posted by Picasa


Tonniece said...

Love the spider web, it looks so cool.
Too bad about your craft show not going well Sandy, but these look great, so it's their loss.

Suzanne said...

Congratulations, hip hip hurry!
and the craft show, like Tonniece said their loss,next show. Nice spider web, and large.
What a great time we had when you's were here, hope to talk to you's soon.
love Sue