Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paints from Trapsuutjies

This is just the small selection that I bought from the show .. and I had already bought a starter kit from Laura and a few other colours and opaques.
The fabrics they had made from these paints were wonderful .. cannot wait to get at the paint myself. Perhaps take some time today and have a play around with them...
Thanks Laura and Annette for all the great ideas.
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Dianne said...

These paints get me excited, lovely postcards. Hey I know you will have a great day becoming a citizen, congratulations sis..

corryna said...

You know how to work with this paint. It shows. It looks as if it was easy to work with, because it has that professional look. But I am sure that it took a lot of effort. Or maybe you are a natural talent. In short I wanted to say: it looks great!