Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gift from Tonniece

Here is a wonderful surprise that came in the mail from Canada from a special long time friend Toni... who I have known almost all my life and is like a sister to me. (lets say thick and thin) .
She is a special lady and would you believe her talent ... When I was younger she used to draw and she does some wonderful work ... lately she has turned her hand and talent to making cards .... all I can say is wow this lady is talented ... have a look at her blog.
The gift she sent over was a pair of sandals that are strapless and they stick to the bottom of your feet... when your finished wearing them you just wash them up with this soap and brush and they are ready to wear again .... Toni also sent me a card which is soo fabulous do have a close look at it and also some paper or card that she has done and a stamp of a Robin ... I think I will have to take lessons from her for the card making when I go back to Canada.
Thanks again hunny what a wonderful surprise.HUGS
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Dianne said...

KOOOOOOL lucky you, it seem totake a long time to get there gees darn post:):).. You forgot to put her link so maybe I'll put it here, Love ya...

Tonniece said...

I kept asking Di if you got it yet.
Glad it finally arrived and that you like it. I know you will create super things with them too.

Those shoes are the bomb, you will love wearing them.

Have a great day LS

jackie said...

Its always nice to have a parcel, especially from a good friend. She sounds v. talented.