Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Frigiliana Spain

Here is where we went for New Years and my birthday this year ... how lucky am I.
We went and spent some time with some special friends of ours and had a great laugh and drank well lets just say we drank...
I think Champagne is my drink of choice. For New Years eve we had 5 Jugs of Sangria first with dinner, then only Karen and I liked the Champagne so everyone else toasted with the 6 bottles we had but we devoured most of the rest ... YIPPEE and Happy New Year.. the thing is .. I dont get hung over with Champagne ... For New Years Day we went back to the area where we spent the evening and sat in the church plaza with a sunny 17degree weather .... HOW GOOD WAS THAT! Thanks to our friends for putting us up in their place. Hugs
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MargaretR said...

A belated happy birthday Sandy and a very happy and creative new year. I could do with a temperature of 17 degrees just now.

Laura said...

Happy birthday Sandy! We got bottles of chamagne for Christmas (clients of Fred) and we don't drink it, so if I were you I'd hop in the Eurostar!!