Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mixed media

I have not been idle here. I have done this piece (click on it to get a closer look)
This was tissue paper laid on top of a stamp and wet down layered a few times pressing down as you go. Then take it off the stamp when dry and it leaves an impression. I then painted the piece and put some shival markers, puff paint and other rub on metallics.
The brown background was a dye sheet that you put in your wash to soak up all the dyes ... a friend of mine did some dyeing and she had about 8 sheets and gave them to me knowing I would do something with them. On this dye sheet I painted some black paint I have that you has iron in it and then put this liquid on it to rust it.. did not show up to well .. but I will show you another piece I am working on that did come up really nice.
I also used some foiling and metallic rubs.
The canvas board for the background is a stretched canvas rubbed with different paints I have and also Gel with a stamp pressed into the gel .

What do you think ?
Oh yes gracie is in the room but I am having a tough time with my machines ... bunging up .. will sort that out this week and then I can progress with some sewing on her.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Keep on walking L.
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The Idaho Beauty said...

Looks very ancient. A nice integration of many techniques. I like it!

Dianne said...

I love it, I agree the ancient look is very cool..
Can't wait to see the other piece...

MargaretR said...

This is a very good piece. I really thought I was looking at some broken pots from a museum taken with a camera. It's really effective. thanks for sharing how you made it.