Saturday, May 23, 2009

Frigiliana Spain

Here are a few holiday pictures of our trip to southern sunny spain. The weather was fantastic .. as some of you may know I love hot sunny weather.
We were in Frigiliana, Spain a white village near Malaga. This area is up in the mountains up from Nerja. Wow where to start the weather was about 30+ and we went there during a festival which you will see below. where they celebrate a patron saint San Isidro a farmer and they dress in traditional dress and walk from Nerja to Maro .. we followed the procession starting with the huge bulls followed by the people on horses and everyone else in their dress . They end up at the caves and they dance, eat and party. We also went to a natural zoo , did some excellent shopping and laughed and joked with some of Joes family ... a wonderful break ... and needless to say I would love to move there.
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