Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Evening sky in suffolk

Ok I am way busy with the final stages of getting the Evolon pieces
ready for Marion who is hoping to finish up this book by the end of this
week or so. She is going to get a photographer to take the pictures and wants
a blurb about me wooo weee how lucky am I ...
I dont want to post any of the pieces as of yet until I get permission
from Marion to do so but I can tell you they have turned out really really
well .
Two rusted pieces done into books and a transfer dyed book as well as
another one using a technique from textured surface workshop as well
as Evolon. ohhh I cannot wait to show you !!!
As soon as this is done on to lesson two of Textured surfaces .. pics to come
they are in white right now so they dont show up so well in a photograph so
lesson two we paint them ...
The muse is back :)
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Sarah E. said...

Congrats! It's always a relief and a joy when the Muse takes up residence again...I surely emphathize!!!