Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Some work finally mounted

I have been busy mounting a few pieces that I have made , sometimes I find you just need the right type of way to mount your work to show it off at its best.

What do you think ?

Someone asked me on the technique I used for the brownish piece. She said she had a hard time with the tissue paper and putting this on the stamp.
Let me tell you how I did this if I remember correctly.
Take any stamp and I then took some tissue paper and wet this down on the stamp with a paint brush and water making sure that it gets pushed into the holes and crevices and repeated this with about three layers making sure to stick it down then when dry did a glue layer .. I then repeated this about 3 or 4 times pressing it down each time.
Once this was dry I painted this with acrylic paints ... put some puff paint or you could use gesso or golden gel to raise the surface a bit . I highlighted this with some metallic rub on the high bits to pick up a sheen.... wet the edges to make uneven tears .... mounted this on a background and sewed it down to the backing .. I then sewed this on to the mounted canvas.

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Lalhezar said...

I have tried your method using soluble paper but tissue sounds even easier. I will give it a go. Suzanne

Valeri said...

You've got some lovely pieces there especially the bottom brown one which is exquisite. Looks almost antique as if it came from an Egyptian tomb! Val


Great techniques, lovely work, I tried something similar to this from the Beryl Taylor book. Great to see you have also joined the Textured Surfaces online workshop. I'm just waiting on a couple of materials and hope to start on Tuesday

Have a good week, best wishes, Carolyn