Sunday, November 01, 2009

Colours of Africa

I have 2 A4 pieces for the Colours of Africa to send to Laura in Belgium where she and friends will be holding a textile event over a week in April 2010, well when I say a week there are workshops during the week Dijanne Cevaal and Yda Walt from South Africa as well as exhibitions will be held during the weekend of April 17,18 2010 and GUESS WHAT ... I will be having an exhibition there myself HOW EXCITING!!!!! Watch this space!

Anyways back to the pieces .. These are pieces that are going to be made into 3 dimensional objects .. *(unless they are pieces on their own and we can auction them off as a piece of art.) *these are my words... still to be discussed with Laura and team... NOW the deadline is December 1st to get the piece in so we can get them ready for the auction... The money raised at the Auction is going towards Chris Hani Creche in South Africa .. and ALSO the money raised will be matched !!! from the town council of ESSEN. HOW COOL is that !!! (maybe we can do this online as well for those of you that are not able to make the show)*again my words, KEEP posted for more info. These pieces can be sent to Magie Relph of the African Fabric Shop who is taking part in this event and will be there with her fabrics.. you can send your pieces to her if your here in the UK or to Laura if your in Europe
... Come on you still have a month to do one piece.

More on that in days to come ... I already have one of my pieces started for the exhibition ... please mark this on your calender and we would love to see you there in Essen Belgium.
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Emmy said...

lovely work maybe I see you there
love Emmy