Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lizzie Houghton workshop

Here are my first results from the workshops. I am sooo excited and I loved the workshop. Lizzie was fantastic and a great time was had by all .
Look not bad here is my piece the first one and there are bits of lace, wool velvet and fabrics entrapped in the felt. What do you think of my first piece?

This next picture is of Cherry who was a lovely lady working beside me, Lizzie brought out some of her new pieces that she has made and Cherry fell in love with it. We made her try it on, I now think its hers ... I will wait to see if she bought it. More details on that as it comes in .

The photo below is work that was done by the ladies during the day.
What do you think of the piece? you may have to click on the photo for a closer look, but there is nothing like seeing the piece. Now your going to have to watch as I will be doing alot more felting .

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Emmy said...

yes looks very good I love felt

Corryna Janssen said...

Great! When I see this, I want to felt again. I love what the ladies made. It is wonderful and I love the colours.

FELT 4U said...

Wonderful. Would love to have attended Lizzie's Workshop

dorie said...

you're a lucky girl having classes with Lizzie Houston. Just bought her book with Christmas. Be 'warned', you'll be addict before you know. Btw your pieces are lovely.

hippopip said...

I am so jealous,her work is glorious I have to makedo with the book!Her work is inspirational and you have caught the bug,your felting is lovely will look forward to seeing more

kanishk said...

I'm so glad you're having so much fun with it - felting's great isn't i

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Rocky Cross Studio said...

The colors are wonderful also like the texture added it the jacket!