Thursday, July 08, 2010

New toy a Cuttlebug

Well for those of you that have not seen a cuttlebug or tried one out they are great...
You take card or ........ fill in the blank yourself and run it through the machine and tada
you piece of card is embossed.. you can do all kinds of things with it ... I KNOW I KNOW
like I needed one more thing to add to my collection but they are LOVELY.
Some of these embossing plates are from Tim HOltz collection they are called textured folders and he has some great designs... I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Carol McFee of Textiles Tales and I decided to do a virtual playday together with the machines we both have... of course I much like hers better. As I have put my card through the machines but have not painted them all yet .. but keep a watch out here and you can see them in my work
I am even recycling old coloured envelopes that I have kept .. (secretly I am a magpie ;) )
I have also made some cards with the embossing folder made of angelina fibres.
Do feel free to leave comments and DEFINEATELY GO AND SEE CAROLS BLOG.

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Carol said...

Oooh Angelina, I like the sound of that and I haven't got that embossing folder and think I need
it :)
great samples Sandy

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having great fun girl! I know it's the warm weather giving you load of energy.

Dianne said...

Loving all this stuff and love the laminated stuff.. so dammm hot here
hate it:(:(:(....

layers said...

I do like the embossing and the textures you get from this process-- wonderful-- I will have to look into this myself.