Saturday, January 01, 2011

More wintery photos

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Dolores said...

Good for you. I love, love, love the photos - all of them. And no, you cannot take too many photos of trees - or doors and windows.
Have a wonderful New Year filled with lots of creativity with your camera.

Dianne said...

The photos are beautiful, love them. Have a happy new year and will call you tomorrow for youe birthday tons of love...

lynda Howells said...

Happy New Year from Putney..London. All our snow has gone but we spent Christmas with my son and his daughter in Rutland and they had loads. These images are beautiful...and l LOVE snowx lynda

Tonniece said...

Happy New Year Sandy And HAPPY BITHDAY also.
Hope you and Joe had an awesome Christmas.

Love all your winter pics. lmost like being back here eh? lol