Monday, December 12, 2011

Exhibition at work African sheilds and Bamana shirt


Here is some of my work that I have had hanging for about 9 months now in our common room.
This was some work that I had done for an African exhibition in Belgium.

The shields are made of recycled fabrics , felt hand stitching and the brown round one is supposed to be rhino skin done by using a muslin with saran wrap to make those ridges glue and water to keep it ridged then a few layers of paint and finally a wax as a top coat.

What do you think ?
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Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

Hi Sandy! What brilliant work! I would have loved to see it on display. You have been able to make the fabrics look authentic.

smarcoux said...

Thanks Sandra ... they are still on display at work LOL ... I would love to display them somewhere in cambridge or suffolk will work on that next year.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Pretty innovative! A good looking grouping.