Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Knitted Jumper

 I finished the jumper ok about a week ago ...
Its the first time I have knitted in a really long time and mostly what I have only ever done was a scarf .. so for me this was good.
My mother used to knit like a mad women she made toilet roll cover dolls and poodles  and pattern is there .. we had so many pompoms my dad invented something to make my mothers job easier Bless him ... he made a manual one that was made of a coat hanger and wood ....then he thought oh I know lets make it electric and used an old can opener and adapted a wooden disc with nails and my mom just had to hold down the button and hold he wool while it went round and round to create the pom pom .. tie it off cut it and tada quicker pompoms.
I digress so I knitted this jumper really quick as they are huge needles and you double up the yarn .. I did it in acrylic ( dont like acrylic but thought lets use this as not to pricey for a first go) other then this I have been doing some embellishing on the machine . As well as some cuffs I will post these separately in the next post. 
So not to bad for a first attempt at the jumper dont you think ?
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Sharne's Bits 'n' Bobs said...

I am glad to see that you finished your jumper, its looks very nice. My father sounds like yours, always inventing things. He was experimenting with solar energy when I was a child!

Anonymous said...

hello the jumper is beautiful.the talent runs in the family. maybe make diane one in green. from sheila in canada say hello to joe