Saturday, November 03, 2012

Going Digital As some of you may remember I bought myself a wonderful camera Canon 550D. I am finally going to go on a course to learn to use it properly, without using auto mode, so I am really looking forward to this. EXPLORE YOUR DSLR CAMERA PART 1 This is going to take place at Ickworth House. Its a National Trust building. Ickworth's huge central Rotunda, flanked by two massive wings, dominates this eccentric house built by the equally eccentric 4th Earl of Bristol, who dreamed of creating an Italianate palace within an English landscape. So be on the lookout for quite a few photos tomorrow and in the coming days as I am practicing my new skills.
Until then, here is the quilt I made for European entry that traveled in the USA 2007 its called From the Heart. It is all hand dyed recycled fabrics. On the red part signifying the heart are peoples names embroideried that made deep lasting impressions, and the little tags are others that have been part of my life as well. Making this quilt was very touching as I now live in a different country from where I was born there are people that I dont see much and just have the great memories to remember them by.. From the Heart Throughout life people touch our lives and hearts, some make an impact. It’s those people who make the impression on our hearts that make us who we are. Sandy Marcoux 2007 From the Heart Toured with European Art Quilters 2007-2008 Special Exhibit for the Mancuso World Quilt and Textile on Tour XI National Quilt Festival, Harrisburg, PA Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, CA Greater Chicago Quilt Festival, Chicago , IL Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival Quilt Fest of New Jersey Denver CO

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