Friday, January 11, 2013

A Happy Belated New Year 2013

WOW, How did that happen? Time seems to be slipping by so quickly! Its already Jan 11! I have not really be doing to much Art wise, I moved and have not really been in the sewing room for days ... ok months except to do silly bits of things. I think quite a few blogs have gone a bit on the wayside since FACEBOOK really ... you can get quick and easy fixes visually and replys to things almost immediately. OK still no excuse for not posting on my blog. I promise I will post more often this year. As you know last year was a bit daunting with the cataract surgery and them not being right for a bit. I am back to normal now WHATEVER NORMAL IS. I have been to lanzarote. Pictures which I have not posted on here ok ok ! I will post a few (when blogger lets me)! I have been lucky before the holiday I did win OPEN THE BOX in the pub and had the winning ticket .... 6 keys were left to choose from and I choose the right key and won £250.00 how lucky was that :) Today I just checked Maggie Greys blog and low and behold I won a freebie from her. Some shrinky plastic. She has made the cutiest little books with them and currently has a tutorial. Do have a look. As well as Maggie does sell some fantastic books written on textile stuff on her work , Lynda Monks work ... and others. The best thing about that is not only do you get the great books but they also have online tutorials ... as an added bonus. If you have not been on her website please RUN there .. OK more pics when blogger lets me. reminder to self (this is so I dont forget what I still need to post) lanzarote pictures neat little iron Dijannes debut on Quilting arts Feb 28 some new works

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Dianne said...

Glad to see you back blogging, Maggie's link doesn't work is her blog link. Love the book. Well you know your lucky :)brilliant you picked the key and am looking forward to seeing what you make, her little book is fantastic. I will check out the tutorial Later..