Monday, February 28, 2005

Its COLD out there

Ohhh well its cold outside tonight so cold in fact I dont even want to go over to
the sewing machine and play around on it.... I am her on the laptop in bed...
that is how cold I am .... just cannot warm up... and the laptop is telling me that
it needs the battery changing so its beeping away every five seconds .. ok
I will shut it done after this entry and see if that stops the beeping noise.

Can you believe I am from Canada and think this weather is cold !!!
What a whimp I am ... and how did I do it for all those years .

Well tomorrow is the big day for showing my art quilts at work and
I am sure I will get some comments on them... hopefully they will like them
but I am sure not everyone will .. but to each their own.
I guess its normal to feel a bit apprehensive.

I have a few ideas floating around in my head for my next couple of
quilts ...I will put them in my sketchbook and let you see them soon.

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