Sunday, February 27, 2005


Well let me tell you I AM HOOKED .
I have had this klimt like piece for some time
and thought the colours and shapes are fab!!!
So I just started cutting the shapes and then
went to it with the free machining.
What do you think ? I will still try playing around
with some gold foiling.. then the binding and it
too will be ready for the showing of my stuff at work.
New piece today Posted by Hello


teri springer said...

I think it's great. Love the shapes and the colors. Of course, I am a big Klimpt fan too.....Keep at it!!

Rayna said...

very cool. There's nothing like improvising, is there?? Amazing how something can sit around in our studios and then all of a sudden, it SPEAKS!

Karoda said...

yea, that is very cool and fun to look at. now, i'm going to go google Klimpt :)

arlee said...

o o o o o one of my favourite artists--and you've done him more than justice---gahjuss dahling!!!

Elle said...

I love Klimt and I am really enjoying your colors! The foiling will really make it shine like one of his paintings.

MargaretR said...

I know I'm a bit late with this comment but I just found your blog and am starting from the beginning. I just love your Klimt work and the colours are fantastic.