Sunday, April 03, 2005

Fashion Design Course (Fashion Drawing)

Look I can draw! I did a fashion design course some years ago.. I had the years written here but just though omg I am getting old... never mind lets continue!!!!!!!!
OK Fashion Design course and one of the electives that I had was Fashion drawing. I have put some pics in that I did. In the beginning of the course .. we started with stick figures 12 heads high they have to be so the head size and 11 more lengths of that to make the figure.
So you start with a stick type figure ..then adding muscle on to it.. and making sure they dont look broken ... a few of my first figures had huge hips and thick legs... I think they were just extensions of myself.. finally got them pared down. We did some pen and ink drawings, pencil,watercolour which was good as you have to work out how to make the fabric look real with folds and sheerness ect. We had to draw faces (see below) .. ehhe mine all look the same they are related! This was a great course really, you had to think about things ahead of time.... and practice, practice and practice.. What do you think?

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