Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Ok so I bored everyone with my fashion drawings ok ... I will try to do some sewing and post the pictures. I have been occupied on getting the questionnaire finished and all correct .. now I just wait to hear about the job. Today I am off to see the nurse about my high blood pressure, its been 5 weeks now that I have been on the new regime, proper diet, exercise and abstaining from any type of alcohol. So lets see what she has to say ... I know I have lost weight and my guess is about 12 ish pounds .. almost a stone to those in the UK. But I did not let her weigh me at the last meeting with the nurse as I was too upset about the whole thing with the high blood pressure and perhaps having to go on the pills (for life) soo lets see what she says.
I will post a bit later and let you know the outcome of the visit to her. Beside my man is out for the evening so I have it to myself and can sew and play .. dance around naked if I like LOL.


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Scrapmaker said...

Good luck on the job, and no, your drawings were not boring. Sometimes its just very quiet.
I understand about the weight loss struggle, conratulations on having some success. I gain and lose 100 pounds every two years...
I laughed when you talked about dancing around naked. If we do that when the men are home they always tend to get the wrong idea...LOL. Jen