Saturday, April 16, 2005

Fritillaria imperialis

Close up of Fritillaria imperialis
Posted by Hello You really must click on the image of this close up of the
fritillaria its fabulous ... I see this plant ever day that I
go to work driving by it and just love the composition and
colouring of it ... there is another one in the same family
that I am growning but its just a few leaves
right now but will post that one when its a bit bigger.
I think this one has to be a piece in a quilt. Quite chilly
outside today about 10 degrees, when the sun is not out.
This morning when I went walking it was foggggy could not
see 3o feet ahead of me but by the time I was walking back
home the fog was lifting. Went to a garden centre today got
two more clematis to go in the garden and two indoor plants,
one is bird of paradise and Platycerium grande or more commonly
known as staghorn fern ... these are some of my favorite plants.

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Did you know that these plants have a strong and rather unpleasant smell of fox?