Thursday, April 21, 2005


Enough Fabric!!! Posted by Hello
Right ok here is my workroom with all my fabrics
hmm is it all my fabrics ...ahh no there are a few
more hidden around some velvets and more plain
fabrics that need to be dyed.... my man thinks
that this room is MESSY ... I dont think its too bad.
I am slowly working on the piece that is klimt like.
I have been really busy with life and work so have not
really had time to post anything ... or do much but
must do something soon .. I sometimes need to have
a deadline for things.. and of course being a procrastinator
I leave them to the last minute... OH SO UNLIKE ME
:) right!!!!!
I am still walking every morning today I was up at 6:00
today did my walk... still not drank any alcohol I think
its almost been two months now (shine shine on the round
halo over my head)....

ok well its nice an sunny out and the weather is not supposed to
stay like this so outside for a bit to enjoy the sunshine.


Debra said...

Hey, you walk around that floor without stepping on or over things... that is NOT a messy room. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

This is good for you missy..Di

Nicky said...

Wow! Tons of fabric! Makes my mouth water just seeing it!