Saturday, May 14, 2005

Opps not sure how she got in there!

Traveling companion AnoNymoose Posted by Hello
Hey!!!! How did she get in there !!! Naughty NonNy
Actually she goes everywhere with us and myself .. traveling
she is a spoiled moose .... And as some of you know she
goes to work on fridays ... sad I know .. but dont have
any pets or children .... :)


Anonymous said...

Oh we missed you, you busy girl.
Mac went crazy when he saw his friend on the screen stated yelling, telling Rudy, there she is its Noneeee, told him I'd add a comment so he could say Cherrs and she looks brilliant..
Great to have you back. Di..

Anonymous said...

I haven't spoke to you and Simon in so long ...I really miss the mooses sleeping on my bed here in Canada. My computer is finally up and running Brittany and I send a big hello to you busy people....A big kiss to the mooses we have one to send..........
P.S. Love the site.....

Simone xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

moose mom's, the kids are hanging on like velcro, heheh guess who,weeeeeeee missed you. i see your still a busy lady, hope things are going well all to you soon, fingers crossed. heheh
lv. sue