Saturday, May 21, 2005

saturday morning class and lectures in the afternoon

Right have gone for my walk this morning a quick one as I have things to do, get myself ready for a drawing class with Liz Hunter a friend and the chairwoman of cambridge embroiderers guild. I really love the way she draws and sketches so this should be fab... taking my camera with me so will show the results later today as I havent posted in some a gorgeous sunny day today here in cambridge wonderfully sunny and a blue sky.
After the drawing class we have Kate Green coming to do a talk on her works ... really looking forward to this as well.
If anyone wants an electronic copy of the workshops and speakers we are doing here in the cambridge area ... just let me know and I will email you one.
Right that was just a quick update for now.
Oh have you been looking at Dijannes work? She has been doing some lovely stuff, if you have some time I would check it out.

see you later!

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