Saturday, June 04, 2005


On the flintstone wall in my back garden Clematis Posted by Hello
This is some wonderful Clematis that I have grown
and planted in last fall. This is all the buds in bloom ...
what a lovely show of flowers and the colour is wonderful.
Ok Last night I was busy making date squares and muffins
as well as muffins for work yesterday morning but the ones
I made last night were for the W.I. plant, cake and book stall.
They held this at the village pump just about 2 minutes walk
from me... needless to say I bought more plants. ( Just one of
my passions) This afternoon (like now) we are going to a friends
house for a bbq but we have had rain showers already and the
sky is kinda dark so hopefully the rain holds off....
Tonight we have a big band at our recreational grounds bout 5 minute
walk from us so bbq first then off to the big band for a night of
some good music , friends and some food and maybe drink (for me
anyways) sooo again no fabric stuff from me ...IF ONLY THERE
see you soon

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