Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pounds Kilos and stones

Well I am just popping in for a short minute to tell you what the nurse said , I read
back and think I forgot to tell you ... I have been at the job (windows system admin)
now for a month ... and during that month I have been really busy running around
the office from computer to computer ect fixing things and I have lost
4.5 kilos which in real weight for over the pond is 9.5 pounds woohooooooo
all this running around plus my walking had paid off.. sooooo far now
this is about 30 POUNDS .... I am still having to lose some weight and
I think about 30 more and that should do it ... Blood pressure was the same
as last time so I don t have to go on those blood pressure tablets.....

A bit of inspiration so off I go to do a bit of sewing.

See you soon


ginger said...

excellent!!well done...as a health car provider in my paying job I can tell you that it is rare to see such follow through..I think most folks ( including me ) have good intentions but you have gone beyond those and it has paid off!! Ginger

Anonymous said...

way to go sandy.hoooray
you will do it just keep doing everything and it will all work out,hehehe. i would go walking but i am a night bird, so it's pretty scary, around here anyway. doug does not do too much walking sooo.
guess i gave away who this was, heheh, i have been busy too. taking care of the garden and not crafting yet, damn? your right about not having enough hours, some would say we were crazy, but we already know that.
your plants and flowers are a beauty.
okay sis will talk soon.
lv sue

all reved up said...

Brilliant Sandy, well done, I'm still walking but so far no movement- ah well.

Debra said...

Excellent!! Great job!! I am jealous.