Thursday, June 30, 2005

Clothes shopping

Sheshh must be getting old ... today at lunch I went shopping (as we have a bus from work) and looked around in debenhams .... seen some very nice hats tried a few on... but no nice dress to wear it with really and as I am still losing weight ... slower now mind you but still losing it.
Right so getting back to the old bit .. I was looking at some tops and though ohh goodness that style just would not be flattering on me!! kept looking, kept looking didnt see anything that would look nice really soooo fruitless hour and a half of shopping.
I am looking for nice blue to go with jeans saw one but thought oh £18.00 for a tee shirt no way!
so now I am thinking of making something (pic below) a blue rayon chambray halter top !!!
will have to model it for you when its done .. says it can be done in 50 minutes I might just test that on saturday.
Have not be doing much sewing ok NO SEWING really.
I do have a wonderful book of Gaudi and will scan one or two that are inspirational .... I will need to do a mosaic quilt ... it has been in my mind now for a while... watch this space.
Ta for now.

1 comment:

Liz said...

Well done - waiting to see that halter top modelled!

How's your woad coming on? I posted a couple of pics on my blog of mine...