Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well as usually I cannot say no! I have a friend who has asked me to do a bucket type hat for him for saturday .... he is going to see OASIS and needs a hat.. he has a head size of 25 inches sooooooo cannot find one anywhere so wants me to make one sooo of course that is what I am busy doing . Not doing something for myself or any artsy type work ...w ell the hat will be when I am done but I used this program I found on the internet its called wildthings they have patterns for hats to print out and hand bags or purses and shawls and footwear.... check them out.
Ok so back to the bucket hat will post a pic as it has to be done for saturday and they are playing (they being OASIS) so have to come up with some oasis design..
ok other then this today a tragedy really with the bombings in LONDON ... sickos really. Not much more to say on that point.

Oh and a friend of mine Liz Marley and Pauline Verrinder from FIBREFUSION are going to be launching their third book ... I have the other two.. Pauline heads up this group of very talented ladies and Liz is a part of the group and also did the proofreading on the book.
They have a book launch and if you have never seen their work or even if you have it would be a good day out ..its at ART VAN GO art store. If you can make the time do go ... perhaps see you there . Posting the poster for everyone to see.
ta for now


Valeri said...

Thanks on two counts. One for the Wildginger download. I had this and then lost it when the computer crashed so I am pleased to get it back as it is brilliant! Two for the news about Fibre Fusion. I have the other two books also and they too are brilliant. I must go find this one to buy.

Anonymous said...

hello sis,
thank god things are good there.
well still a busy girl, i too am trying to do all kinds of things in and out of the house.
the squirls have damaged all the garden, next time will put chicken wire around the plants. one or two survived, so far.
looking forward to seeing that hat,i went to both the sites.
i didn't end up going up north now,so aug. i will be going.
well girl stay safe and keep up the fabulous work.
lv. sue