Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fathers day

Another glorious day here in england temperatures are soaring already and its only 9.00. We have a busy day ahead of us... Went for a walk this morning about 5 ish miles 8296 steps so far today and its only 9:00. Before I left for my walk this moring I though ohhh should I take the camera .... nahhhhh nothing new to see on my walk ... well as luck would have it what did I see only 8 feet away from me running across the road... two muntjac (little deer) wow.... I have only seen them a couple of times but this time up close and personal .. link on the muntjac if you want to see what they look like. So yesterday I spent painting a little wheelbarrow for my partners father for fathers day using tole painting techniques. His dad used to have one and really liked it so we got him a new one .. a bit smaller then the other version but hey.... its the thought.

Play week with Lisa we are having a week of getting some work done. I think I am kinda cheating by using this for one of my projects in playweek but hey its work that has been done.
So I base coated the wheelbarrow in a few coats of white, then did some flowers and a pattern around the arms of it ... about midnight put some shellac on it.
Done what do you think?

So off to drop that off to Fred spend some time with them, then back and bbq at a friends in the village... phew will be a busy one today .
Have a great day


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

That's not cheating... at least you've started! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

great wheelbarrow. first day of summer and it is getting warmer again, not that i mind, know me the warmer the better. if i can get fri. and mon. off will be going north to shirley's with jeanne and doug and his son, also henry will meet us there. it is the hundred yr ann. for noelville, so they want family's from there to come, sooooo.
well your still a going concern i see, you go girl.this is too much fun this blog heheh djrjguruc jhuee ok oxoxo from us all lv sue