Thursday, June 16, 2005

guilty as charged

Ok Guilty as charged ..... I have not done much sewing as of late thats why I have not posted How sad is that!!... started a piece the other day with the tifaifai method .. umm not sure I like it but I have a good idea what to do with it.
I will take a pic and show you the progress .. working on that tonight.
I have found a wonderful site though a group I belong to called complexcloth (yahoo group) and this lady is on that group here is her website.... do have a look she does super fab floral quilts they look so real.
Have a browse while I am off to sew post a pic a bit later tonight


Anonymous said...

hello there, we are not your judge so if you don't have time to post it is okay.missing you on here but,thats good to see you on.
that site is very interesting very nice site.
everyone here ok, my garden is really growing, it has been raining and raining, good for the farmers they say, but day after day, got to be a duck. LOL
april is moving not too far from where i am, like 5 blocks, at the end of the month.
looking forward to the next post.
lv sue

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
Your right about the quilts looking so real but on everyone she uses Disperse dyed polyester transfers which l am going to look into as her work looks fantastic,