Sunday, August 07, 2005

any suggestions????

Wow what was I thinking when I put these together .... the colours are alright but the salmon border has got to go!!! Does anyone have any suggestions besides burning it, on what I can do
to help this poor quilt top out?
The fact of the matter is that I was teaching some friends of mine to quilt and was showing them this pattern that is quick and easy to do in no time... shame I was not to go at showing them
good colour schemes.
Perhaps try to heavily quilt the borders ??? Give it to charity??? even they don't deserve it.
So I will just wait to see what suggestions I get from you ladies then.

ta ta for now


dijanne cevaal said...

I would print the thing to death and at the very least the salmon pink border which looks very pink to me on my monitor ( and you know what I think about pink). Is there some element you have used in the central oblongs that can somehow be repeated by way of stencil or lino-cut? And since when do you make pink things?????? Other than that overdye it- make it look like you meant it! Could look good with dark blue or black over it and splotches of the pink showing through.

Scrapmaker said...

I agree with Dijanne, you need some other color here besides pink. If you don't dye it, figure out an applique design that uses other colors (blue, black, maybe even greens if you do some kind of flower theme?)In the interest of time and fast design, fuse it. Repeat the new colors in the quilting. Jen

Elle said...

Maybe black? Something dark?

Sandra said...

Hmmm... the beige made me think "gold", as in gold metallic thread or antique gold fabric paint. Do you like machine quilting with metallic thread, and how does your sewing machine feel about that? Or how about using a simple but graphic stencil design on the pink borders? If you stippled the pink borders in a contrasting color (doesn't have to be gold, could be brick red, or...?) the borders would take on whatever color you use and appear a different shade.
I like the squares the way they are, but if you really want to add something to them how about simple flower silhouettes, maybe in black like Elle suggested? Wouldn't something like this be cool?!