Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Excellent gift THANKS

A wonderful surprise today!!
Well an extra special thank you to Jen from
Bayou Quilts A week or so back, I asked if
anyone could possibly get me some of this glue.
Jen from Bayou Quilts was so kind to send me
TWO how lucky am I (thanks again Jen)
Now to top that off she sent some tabasco sauce,
I love tabasco sauce and it comes from Avery Island
LA. Have a look at this site www.tabasco.com.
This should keep everyone busy.


jenclair said...

Glad you liked the Tobasco! I don't know what happened to the postcard; I sent it to the same address - actually mailed it before the package.

filambulle said...

Hi Sandy!
Are you cozy back home?
If you're still curious about my blog, follow the threads... :)