Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ribideauville in France

Ribideauville in Alsace Region France

Well I am back home, have been for a few days and tons to tell
you about. This picture is of a smallish village in the alsace in france.
Such a wonderful quaint town and the buildings were wonderful, I do have more
pics of them so will post those as well.
Firs, t fabulous time in France and as you know met up with my friend
Dijanne Cevaal . She is off to the south of France and then to Barcelona with
Siena , her daughter. Then back to teach in the Netherlands for a few days
before she is off home again. She doesnt really have access to a computer
so that is why no posts from her lately.
Last week I went to the Patchwork show in St Marie aux Mines. Met some fabulous
people, drank some good wine, saw some excellent work done by artists from all
over the world, but more on that later.
I do have tons of news for you, so keep posted. I have also recieved 3 postcards so will
photograph them today and show you them.
Stay tuned
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