Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New shoes

Well I have some pictures of my new shoes!!!
I bought these off ebay. If anyone wants to know the site, just let me know I can send it to you. They came from Singapore and were here without a problem within a week!!! I also will post some of my favourite older shoes and ones that I love.
As I know alot of ladies on the ring love love love shoes, so here goes.
Here is a great website. http://caboots.zoovy.com/ I found this while looking
for some boulet cowboy boots. This website has excellent stuff like shoe tips and heel plates... also there is a fab belt buckle I may have
to ge,t its the celtic one. Also check out the swashbuckler pirate boots WOWWEE.

Boulet boots, I must get a new pair.
These are fab cowboy boots made in canada and they are sooooo comfy.
I used to have a pair I wore to death, but sadly they are no longer with me.
I am looking to replace them.

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Anonymous said...

Hey love these you know me love the shinng ones hehe, have a fabulous time and tell Dijanne I said hi...
love Dianne SIS