Monday, September 12, 2005

Val D'argent Quilt show France

Well I am off to the quilt show in Val D'argent France thursday morning early.
Meeting up with Dijanne from Australia and her daughter in france.
We will spend 5 glorious day together ... well Dijanne will be teaching but I can meet up
with her and her daughter. Hopefully she will make her famous dutch meatballs for
me when I am there :)
It will be a treat to meet up with Dijanne as I have not seen her since end of February
when she went back home. We started walking together as my doctor said to lose weight
my blood pressure was too HIGH ... well that came down after 1 1/2 months but have
kept walking ever single day and have taken quite a bit of weight off... BOY WILL SHE BE
SURPRISED. Well there will be alot of pics to show you when I get back soooooo be ready.

Maybe one more post before then ... stay tuned.


Liz said...

I am so jealous.... have a lovely time! We went to the region in August last year and it is absolutely beautiful.

Sandra said...

I wish I could go this time too! We could've met up and spent ALL our money and hitched a ride back to my house :o) Have a great time and take lotsa pix!