Thursday, November 17, 2005


Ok shhhhh
I got this new machine ... well not brand new but
its great... a friend of mine.. Rev Cheryl fibre artist,
has gotten a new machine and was getting rid of
the old one ... and asked me if I was interested ...
yes indeedy I was ... not like I dont have a machine but
can always NEED a new one... need being the operative
word here ... It does free machining like a dream, and
has a table with it .. well not a huge one but larger then the regular one. Thanks Cheryl.
Of course I have been really busy at work (whats new)
and sewing a thingy for the masonic lodge and sewing for the craft show for th 30 november.
Tomorrow I have the day off so we are off to Birmingham to a craft show
I will keep you posted. Posted by Picasa

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Elle said...

Oooo! New machines are so exciting. Especially to someone whose machine is over 9 years old now.