Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Looks christmasy just a bit late

My walk this morning SNOW ! Posted by Picasa

Well here is some pictures of the village whilst on my walk this morning.
First out my back door and some lovely snow laden trees, then over to
the church and found two wonderful trees with snow on their branches.
An old phonebox in the village, this one could make a wonderful xmas
card for next year. Last but not least as I have been wanting to take
this picture of the thatch cottage being thatched ... well no ones doing it
but its almost finished now. A dying talent now I think for the roofers doing
the thatched cottages. Off work today and getting a sketchbook in order, as
I have just been putting papers in it of things that I like and finally got around
to gluing some of the photocopies and pictures in it. Brown paper art pics
tomorrow ...WATCH THIS SPACE


Anonymous said...

hello snow bunnies,
well it looks wonderful, we are having rainy weather, all the snow has gone, but will be back to look like your wonderland. they were saying on the news, for people to stay home, because of the snow.
boots, boots, good thing you got the mooses there quilts just in time.
snow looks really great in pic's don't they.
snow ball fights, making angels, etc.
love sue

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that bin looked a bit off. I fixed it this morning, now nice and straight.

-- Sandy's better half.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Your snow pictures prompted me to take my own when we got a fresh coating the other day. I've posted a few on my blog and plan to post more in a few days. Check it out if you haven't already. No thatched roofs here in Wisconsin, though!

Elle said...

I love the thatched roof! We have nothing like those here. Wonderful pics!

Liz said...

My kids would be wild if they saw this. We got about 1cm last Thursday night then it turned to rain and rained all day Friday. Bah!!

Valeri said...

The pictures look lovely but I'm glad you've got it and not me!