Monday, December 26, 2005

OK so I have a thing for MOOSES

It all started when my man came to Canada for a visit when I lived there and he said "Oh I didn't see any mooses" ... so when I went to visit him in texas I brought him Mr Moose (orange antlers)
Of course that started it, for xmas in 2000 a friend gave us the small one in the front (right)
Anonnymoose. Nonny for short.
Whilst in texas we went to spring texas and found Connie (top left) , and another
for my sister Sue (Bonnie) who now lies over the ocean in canada.... ok sad, sad I know.
When we left texas we rescued two more with orange antlers to give to some friends,when we left they are Tricky and Mickey Moose.
OK the story is going from bad to worse... and then another christmas we got the white moose from his mom... she is vanilla moose or banilla as I call her.
Ok and they all have their own quilts. Today I did banillas quilt, as I got four fat quarters for xmas and she didnt have a quilt. Just the binding still to do and that is done.
Its all good practice to try out free machining on these little quilts.
And besides all mooses should have a quilt so they can cuddle up at night right??
And no more mooses jumping on the beds. We have called a truce and said no more mooses!
I am off to bed now, nighty night.


Valeri said...

I think that's cute! I walked into a moose once (or it could have been an elk- something with those big antlers!) when I was living in Sweden. Scary creatures but quite magnificent!

Felicity said...

These mooses are adorable! I love the book covers, I wonder how they were done?

Anonymous said...

hello sis,
the on line conversation we had at martha's was almost like being there. wa wa wa . ok
of course bonnie was near when i was reading about how they became to be where they belong. so (nfgnve
nfurhhf) she loved the story. that will be the bedtime story for a while. now she wants a quilt so i guess i will manage to make hhehe.
at least we have pic's to look at for her. enough of that.
things here are wet and not really white like xmas should be, i am sure it will be back just in time for us to return to work, which is new years eve night.
ok be talking to u soon.
lv. sue fjjghfjrhjei xoxxox

filambulle said...

Hi Sandy!
Those mooses are cute, but I like their kilt better!
But the thing that makes me really jalous at the moment is your new sewing machine! Mine is broken. It's given me the opportunity to learn knitting, but I miss sewing...
Maybe too late for the Christmas wishes, so:
Have a beautiful winter!
Manuèle - filambulle

The Idaho Beauty said...

I had the same experience as "your man" on a motorcycle vacation around the north shore of Lake Superior. Our mission was to see at least one moose while in Canada, especially after we saw the first moose-crossing warning sign. Don't know why that sign cracked us up so but we had to pull over, back up and take a picture of us standing by it. The closest we came to a moose was the stuffed one (as in taxidermied) outside of a mercantile store. And boy was he ratty looking. Not at all nice and cute like your stuffed variety.

Thanks for the memory!

Elle said...

The moose are way too cute! I've never actually seen one for real though.