Thursday, January 12, 2006

Me Me Me ME

Four Jobs You've Had:
Parking lot attendant (what was I thinking... went back to school)
Fabric store manager 8 years
Windows system administrator
Sold wheelchairs to people in nursing homes worked with Physio therapists and ADP

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
Pirates of the Caribbean
Nightmare before Christmas Tim Burton movies
The Fisher King with Robin Williams
The Grinch

Four Places You've Lived:
Hamilton Ontario Canada
Houston Texas
Noelville northern ontario
Cambridgeshire England

Four TV Shows you love to Watch: I really dont watch TV much but
CSI Crime Scene Investigation
Charmed (sad I know)
Boston Legal
Sometimes Cornation Street

Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Only 4
Grand Caymans, Crete, Brugge, Paris, Colombia ect ect......

Four Websites You Visit Every Day: Dangling by a thread, Dijanne Cevaal,Dyeing to sew
and all the other links on my side bar (which I must add is getting longer by the day)

Four Of Your Favorite Foods:
chicken wings , King Crab (both of these you really cannot get over here )
Chips (crisps) any type .. trying to break this habit.
Pasta with shrimp (Dijanne makes
a mean one) lots of garlic and hot spicy sauce.

Four Places You'd Rather Be: Anywhere warm

Four Albums You Can't Live Without: Junkhouse with Tom Wilson, David Wilcox , Tragically Hip and Avril Lavigne and Barenaked Ladies .. sorry but they are all canadian artists

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