Sunday, February 05, 2006

Leaves in Longitude

This is a sample piece I have been working on since Laura Kemshalls workshop last month.
Its about 22x 34 inches in size. This was a few different techniques using some of my own hand dyes and one of Dijannes, foiling and painted bondaweb and some hand stitching....

Handstitching you say, Sandy did you do that yourself I can hear you say!!! Yes I did!
Machine embroidery too, which I am still getting the hang of. Dijanne what do you think?
Or any other comments on that would be good, otherwise shesh .. I should just be writing
a journal here at home!!!

I find it funny how you see hand dyed fabrics and once you do some machine embroidery
on them the colours seem to pop out better! Like this piece two different greens with a
brownish colour in it as well. Makes it all worth while that hand dyeing .. I will have to get
my stuff together and do some more pieces of hand dyes.

Ok techniques bondaweb some retangular bits onto the fabric and stitch down, I just happen
to like satin type stitch so put the rectangles down using that stitch. Right off the top of my head
I thought ohh cannot think of anything right now so do some leaves which I am not really partial
to really but went with it anyways.. cut outsome bondaweb in half a shape to do one side of the leaf then ironed this onto the fabric (dont forget this is in reverse when cutting this out if your
doing more then one!!! ask me how I know"! Then as it is still hot put some hot foil metallic colour paper on it and burnish this on with my fingernail. Also cut out some leaf shapes with
painted bondaweb and machine embroidered around them. I did some hand stitching in the rectangles with verigated heavy threads. I then did some machine stitching on the piece ...
now I have only done machine embroidery a handful of times so go easy on me... I started them
in a larger rectangle and then though ohh this is not so easy to do and had to go back in some and do some little curly wurly things to fill the empty space.

It kinda looks like snake skin.

Well what do you think?


Valeri said...

I love the background and the way you've stitched it and yes it does look like snakeskin. Colours are divine!

marion said...

Very nice indeed. Well done, you. Hand stitching....cor!

jenclair said...

I agree. Really lovely and involving piece!

Liz said...

This is gorgeous, Sandy. Lovely texture. I wish I could see it in the flesh.

Carol said...

Wonderful colours, The whole thing works really well.
lucky you having a workshop with Laura Kemshall

Shirley Goodwin said...

Looks great, Sandy! And thanks for reminding me it was you I was going to link to - that was just before The Accident. When I got back from hospitall, my brain was mush, I couldn't find the email......but you're there now.


dijanne cevaal said...

HI Sandy

see the hand stitching didn't kill you.... looks very nice- I can see you using this again. Foiling is fun,

When are you off to Paris??Go to the Cluny- or the Musee Le Moyen Age- wonderful medieval things( and textiles) and illuminated books which Simon might enjoy.Very good Italian restaurant across the road- and affordable too.